HawkPartners – The Behavioral Economics Toolkit Thought Leadership Campaign

Behavioral Economics is the discipline of interacting with the non-rational effects of psychological, cognitive, cultural, emotional and social factors on purchase decisions. 8×7 Marketing was engaged by HawkPartners (a Bethesda-based market research firm) to build a thought leadership campaign around this hot topic—to position the firm’s team as subject matter experts (SMEs).

As part of this effort, 8×7 Marketing: pulled together and edited the content from HawkPartner’s SMEs; worked with  HawkPartners’ graphics designer to layout the toolkit document and embed hyperlinks within it; built two landing pages to house the content, capture leads and qualify prospects; and, initiated a LinkedIn sponsored content campaign.

8×7 Marketing built the full life-cycle workflow for the campaign, which included promotion of the toolkit from three sources: the HawkPartners website; social posts on the company’s LinkedIn page; and LinkedIn sponsored content ads. After engaging with one of these three sources, the visitor is sent to a landing page built in LeadPages that captures the visitor’s contact information in exchange for a download of the toolkit. Within the document itself there are several hyperlinks that take the visitor to the second LeadPages landing page where he or she can demonstrate his or her interest in setting up a call with one of HawkPartners’ Behavioral Economics’ SMEs. The technology and integrations involved in putting the campaign together included: WordPress + LeadPages + MailChimp.

Click on the image to visit the site and download the toolkit.