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8 seconds is all you’ve got to capture someone’s attention online. That’s right—8 seconds!  And, it takes 7 times or more before a prospect will act on your message. With tweets, emails, Facebook updates, Instagram stories, texts and more flooding our inboxes every second—it often takes more than 7 interactions to really be heard. At 8×7 Marketing, we combine strategic vision with real-world tactical know-how to help small business brands cut through the digital noise and stand out from the pack.

If the scenarios above describe your situation, you are not alone. Our experience teaches us that marketing tactics aren’t very successful when launched in a vacuum. “Post and pray” marketing simply does not work! While technical know-how is important in today’s digital space, it is easy to come by. What sets 8×7 Marketing apart is that we have not only the technical chops to launch marketing tactics, but also the holistic perspective, strategic vision and a deep understanding of the inter-dependencies between marketing elements to ensure your online initiatives are winners.
Some marketers launch tactics in an a la carte fashion without regard for the required underpinnings for success. At 8×7 Marketing, we know better. We built our Digital Marketing Roadmap for Entrepreneurs® to take these dependencies into account. We understand the unique constraints of small business owners and built our framework to be your “go to” marketing guide. We offer a proven phased approach to guide you as your business grows—with specific start-up, intermediate and full-throttle marketing tactics recommended at each phase of your development. We use our proprietary Roadmap® when we consult with you and strategize on next steps—to ensure the money you invest at each phase is worthwhile, not a waste.

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